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warmly congratulate "Minrui Star - excellent staff" awards events held

   The night of 28 November 2014, Shenzhen MInrui Adhesive Co., Ltd. held the annual "Minrui Star - excellent staff" competition and awards events, three industrial parks staff shouted gathered in sharp second industrial zone, together a common toast, together witness the birth of outstanding employees.

   Company leaders to come to the scene, personally award for outstanding employees, expressed his heartfelt thanks to them for the company for their hard work and drink a toast together with all employees, to celebrate the good times.

   As the company's oldest employees, Uncle Chen has been working in Minrui for over 13 years, work hard, play an important role in terms of property.

As the company's main plant captain, Mr.Wang for the company's products, product research and development have made no small achievement.

As the person in charge of foreign trade, Miss Ye had taken Minrui products over the world, so Minrui influence gradually increased.

Little Xiao , as the company's youngest 90, he was full of hard-working spirit, not afraid of hardship are not tired, full interpretation of the sharp positive energy.

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